No IPW3945d or ipw3945-kmp for opensuse11

I cannot seem to find ipw3945d or ipw3945-kmp in yast for opensuse 11.0 I installed via a x86 kde live cd. I have searched and searched. please help.

I have packman, oss, and non-oss repos added.


Does iwlwifi not work?

Actually I guess suse doesnt need those packages anymore? I got the wireless working by simply trying it. Who would have known?? I guess the reason that I thought it was dead is becasue the wifi light on my Dell latitude D620 doesnt turn on now that I installed 11.0

iwlwifi is not installed on my system i guess.

It probably is using iwlwifi by default. One problem with that driver is that they have not gotten the wifi light working. :rolleyes:

Oh, duh!

Well I guess I will have to wait for ipw3945 or try to build it myself from source.

With iwlwifi I cant get monitor mode to work, and it doesn’t seem to be scanning for networks. I have had to add all of my wireless APs manually. Any thoughts?? I am using knetworkmanager (kde 4.0) to configure the card.

The ipw drivers are no longer supported, and are now antiquated. The Iwlwifi drivers replace them. However, they aren’t supported by newer versions of the kernel. you will have to install the compat-wireless drivers. Depending on your kernel version, you may have to compile the drivers yourself. I have created a tutorial here. Please pass this along to anyone else who is having issues with thier wireless. It seems to be a common problem.

I hope this helps.

ghostwind - can you tell us where the tutorial is? Thanks → jvel777

In his original post (and your quoting of his post) click the word “here” its actually a link to his tutorial.

lol, thanks hicks107

Hi, I have the 3945 wireless adapter in my HP/Compaq nx6310. Basic info:

08:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)

Linux <localhost> #1 SMP 2008-07-13 20:48:28 +0200 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux[/FONT]

Trying to get this to work I sucessfully built and installed compat-wireless-old-2008-09-11.tar.bz2 from [

and this seems to load modules ok (some not needed I suspect) :
iwl3945 104152 0
mac80211 231144 17 b43legacy,b43,ath5k,at76_usb,rt2x00usb,rt2x00pci,rt2x00lib,iwl4965,iwlcore,iwl3945,rtl8187,rtl8180,zd1211rw,adm8211,p54usb,p54pci,p54common
cfg80211 46856 9 ath5k,rt2x00lib,iwl4965,iwlcore,iwl3945,rtl8187,rtl8180,adm8211,mac80211
firmware_class 25984 15 b43legacy,b43,at76_usb,rt2x00lib,iwl4965,iwl3945,zd1211rw,p54usb,p54pci,usb8xxx,libertas_cs,pcmcia,ipw2200,ipw2100,microcode

I was able to connect - to the wrong network - once. Now I can see networks but all I get in (kernel messages) when I try to connect is:
disassociated by local choice (reason=3)

Now, I did not choose to disassociate the connection. Does anyone know what information “reason=3” is supposed to convey? Why does it immediately disassociate?

It is extremely difficult to know what’s going on as that nice blue LED does nothing even when I know the RF must be working and the status displayed via iwconfig seems stale.

Anyone know how to get my 3945 working again? Linux on a laptop isn’t much use if the networking doesn’t work perfectly & reliably.