No iptab for mobile broadband connection

Hi, I am new to kde and trying to resolve the following problem.

I connect to the internet with a mobile broadband dongle. I would like to change the dns settings as page loading seems to be running slow. However, there is no ip tab associated with mobile broadband in the knetwork manager module.
There is however for my vpn connection. I have found reference to the ip tab in other postings but alas I am stumped.
Is it possible that the mobile broadband connection does not load that tab whereas users on wireless or ethernet have it? That is the only solution I can think of.

It seems that there is no IP tab for the broadband mobile panel which would explain why i or anybody else can answer this question.


folks usually talk of editing /etc/resolv.conf

this post just by yours

Manually changing DNS settings …?

has some discussion

is any of this any use?