No IP for wireless card

I’m a windows user for a long time but with the arrival of the New Year I decide it was time to learn Linux and install OpenSuse 11.3. At the beginning I didn’t have any problems with my wireless USB. But when I had to change my old router (due to change of ISP) the problems begun. At the time I decide to use a new encryption method (WPA/PSK) instead of the old one (WEP).

I did the setup with YAST but I didn’t succeed at first. But like everyone I start looking for what might be wrong, and tried to change this and that expecting to fix my problems. Finally, I give up and ask for your help.

My wireless card doesn’t get an IP address from the router (DHCP server). Why ? Did I mess something ? maybe, maybe it’s time to upgrade to opensuse 11.4.

Output of the lsusb command

Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 13b1:000d Linksys WUSB54G Wireless Adapter
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 093a:2510 Pixart Imaging, Inc. Hama Optical Mouse
Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub

I guess my wireless card (Linksys WUSB54G Wireless Adapter) is known to the system.
The same conclusion I think can be obtained from the output of the dmesg|less command.

b 1-8: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 3
    2.186149] usb 1-8: New USB device found, idVendor=13b1, idProduct=000d
    2.186153] usb 1-8: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
    2.186157] usb 1-8: Product: Wireless-G USB Network Adapter
    2.186160] usb 1-8: Manufacturer: Cisco-Linksys

Next step is the wireless card associated ? let’s first look at the dmesg|tail

  142.025341] wlan0: associated
  145.068804] wlan0: deauthenticated from 00:26:44:36:bc:92 (Reason: 2)
  145.075331] cfg80211: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain
  145.080422] cfg80211: World regulatory domain updated:
  145.080426]     (start_freq - end_freq @ bandwidth), (max_antenna_gain, max_eirp)
  145.080430]     (2402000 KHz - 2472000 KHz @ 40000 KHz), (300 mBi, 2000 mBm)
  145.080434]     (2457000 KHz - 2482000 KHz @ 20000 KHz), (300 mBi, 2000 mBm)
  145.080437]     (2474000 KHz - 2494000 KHz @ 20000 KHz), (300 mBi, 2000 mBm)
  145.080440]     (5170000 KHz - 5250000 KHz @ 40000 KHz), (300 mBi, 2000 mBm)
  145.080443]     (5735000 KHz - 5835000 KHz @ 40000 KHz), (300 mBi, 2000 mBm)

It’s seems so. but what’s the output of iwconfig command

wlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:"Meo_Couto"  
          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: 00:26:44:36:BC:92   
          Bit Rate=1 Mb/s   Tx-Power=19 dBm   
          Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off
          Power Management:off
          Link Quality=40/70  Signal level=-70 dBm  
          Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:0
          Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:0

and output of iwlist scan (just for my connection)

llo        Interface doesn't support scanning.

eth0      Interface doesn't support scanning.

wlan0     Scan completed :
          Cell 01 - Address: 00:26:44:36:BC:92
                    Frequency:2.412 GHz (Channel 1)
                    Quality=42/70  Signal level=-68 dBm  
                    Encryption key:on
                    Bit Rates:1 Mb/s; 2 Mb/s; 5.5 Mb/s; 11 Mb/s; 18 Mb/s
                              24 Mb/s; 36 Mb/s; 54 Mb/s
                    Bit Rates:6 Mb/s; 9 Mb/s; 12 Mb/s; 48 Mb/s
                    Extra: Last beacon: 1912ms ago
                    IE: Unknown: 00094D656F5F436F75746F
                    IE: Unknown: 010882848B962430486C
                    IE: Unknown: 030101
                    IE: Unknown: 2A0100
                    IE: Unknown: 2F0100
                    IE: IEEE 802.11i/WPA2 Version 1
                        Group Cipher : TKIP
                        Pairwise Ciphers (1) : CCMP
                        Authentication Suites (1) : PSK
                    IE: Unknown: 32040C121860
                    IE: Unknown: DD7C0050F204104A0001101044000102103B000103104700101910093E10A85301B94995475DC60C041021000754484F4D534F4E1023000A54686F6D736F6E2054471024000337383410420009313031324E544555421054000800060050F20400011011000D54686F6D736F6E205447373834100800020084103C000100
                    IE: Unknown: DD09001018020100040000
                    IE: WPA Version 1
                        Group Cipher : TKIP
                        Pairwise Ciphers (1) : TKIP
                        Authentication Suites (1) : PSK
                    IE: Unknown: DD180050F2020101080003A4000027A4000042435E0062322F00

Now what about IP address

eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:11:09:2B:06:E6  
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
          inet6 addr: fe80::211:9ff:fe2b:6e6/64 Scope:Link
          RX packets:3913 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:3101 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000 
          RX bytes:2400256 (2.2 Mb)  TX bytes:703964 (687.4 Kb)

lo        Link encap:Local Loopback  
          inet addr:  Mask:
          inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host
          UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:1
          RX packets:102 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:102 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:0 
          RX bytes:6692 (6.5 Kb)  TX bytes:6692 (6.5 Kb)

wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:12:17:87:62:A6  
          inet6 addr: fe80::212:17ff:fe87:62a6/64 Scope:Link
          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1
          RX packets:3612 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:3502 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000 
          RX bytes:408156 (398.5 Kb)  TX bytes:535806 (523.2 Kb)

No IP address ? That means I can’t ping to other computers in my LAN or to interner. Might be no dhcp process running ?

 3222 ?        00:00:02 wpa_supplicant
 3286 ?        00:00:00 kaccess
 3287 ?        00:00:00 dhcpcd
 3308 ?        00:00:00 dhclient6
 3331 ?        00:00:01 krunner
 3342 ?        00:00:00 kmix
 3356 ?        00:00:00 nepomukserver
 3371 ?        00:00:00 kio_file
 3388 ?        00:00:00 smartd
 3478 ?        00:00:00 knotes
 3492 ?        00:00:00 polkit-kde-auth
 3497 ?        00:00:00 kupdateapplet
 3498 ?        00:00:00 klipper
 3524 ?        00:00:00 polkitd
 4965 tty1     00:00:00 mingetty
 4966 tty2     00:00:00 mingetty
 4967 tty3     00:00:00 mingetty
 4968 tty4     00:00:00 mingetty
 4969 tty5     00:00:00 mingetty
 4970 tty6     00:00:00 mingetty
 4995 ?        00:00:20 konsole
 4997 pts/2    00:00:00 bash
 7601 ?        00:00:00 dhclient6
 8290 ?        00:00:00 dhcpcd

Well. it’s running. Let’s check the route table

Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface
loopback        *            U     0      0        0 lo

Just one entry in the route table ? that’s strange ?

Now that 's the end of the story and no idea of what might be causing the problem. So I ask you if can give any hints or directions that I can follow in order to to fix my first linux problem of not having wireless card working. Many Thanks.


Did ypou try disabling IPV6 ? If you revert to a WEP encryption, does it work ? Do you manage your connection with networkmanager or ifup ?

When setting up the adapter with YAST I select dynamic address with DCHP 4 Only. I think that’s what you mean by disabling IPV6 ?

Even with no encryption (or with WEP) It doesn’t work. And the output of the commands is still very much the same. Oh, by the way, this is a dual boot machine, and the USB adapter is working with the other OS (XP). SO it’s not a hw problem from the adapter or the router.

The connection is managed with ifup. Should I give a try to networkmanager ?


I think you should try with networkmanager.