No IP address


I am running opensuse tumbleweed. I have two VMs running under VirtualBox. One VM has the KDE desktop and one has the GNOME desktop.
My GNOME desktop VM is not obtaining an IP address whereas my KDE VM does obtain an IP address.
I was wondering if I missed a setting somewhere that was preventing the GNOME VM from obtaining an IP address?

Harley Ficke

Have you checked any logs (journalctl, syslog) on both VMs and host? Usually they provide some insight to what’s going on during the interface configuration. Maybe some udev rules in one VM?

Are the guests both using the same network management framework? Wicked or NetworkManager?

As I am new to Linux, I don’t know how to tell what I am using.

Not yet. I will see if I can read those log files.

Would need you to clarify what you mean by not obtaining an IP address.

Virtualbox is unique in that its default network configuration is a “Shared NAT” where all Guest VMs share the same IP address as the HostOS.
If you want each VM to have its own unique IP address, you have to configure “Network NAT”

If you use any other virtualization technology I’m aware of (except for Docker’s sometimes unique configurations), there is only one NAT and each VM is assigned its own unique IP address.