No internet in OpenSUSE 11.0

Hi people, i’ve just installed OpenSUSE in a separated disk. Now i’m writing from windows…
I’am not a 100% noob since I have been using ubuntu (i got tired of Gnome, and KDE 4.1 seems to be great), but i came across a problem. When I installed ubuntu first, internet was automatically working. I wish i could say the same about SUSE.
I tryied as much as i can, but i cant find a solution. I created a internet connection, set ip and stuff to automatic,deactivated wireless, tryied a lot(carefully), but nothing. Then I went to yast—>network devices, but im not really sure about what should I do there.

It seems that a lot of people here had similar problems, but i couldn’t get a solution from other threads.

p.d: this tip may deserve your attention: after installing SUSE and tryied to put internet to work, i went to windows, and it was strange because the “limited or nule conectivity” warning appeared. I had to unplug and replug the modem, and now it works ok.
I have a adsl conection, and my card is “Adaptador Fast Ethernet PCI CNet PRO200” and i’ve got a motorola modem.
Thanks a lot, i hope my english to be fine, and greetings from Argentina.

p.d2: in “network settings” (in yast)it says:
Ethernet network card
Mac: (a mac adress here)
device name: eth0
started automatically at boot
Ip adress assigned using dhpc

In DSL CONFIGURATION OVERVIEW i get nothing in both tabs.

When you go to yast>hardware information > network card and you click on it what does it says about
you,re network card