No Internet in desktop PC after move to new place/router [SOLVED]

I have no wired internet on my desktop PC (running LEAP-15.0) after switching it for first time after a move to a new residence (with different router) in a new continent.

Its not the cable, as I am typing this using my laptop (also running LEAP-15.0) with the wired connection (having tested the cable/router is good) and it works great. So the problem I think is the LEAP-15.0 configuration I have on the desktop.

The desktop PC can access the LAN - so that suggests hardware is good. I note that with both my laptop (where Internet works) and the desktop PC (where there is no internet access) can ping each other over the LAN.

I speculate I may have configured something in my desktop PC a year or so ago (?) which locked the configuration into its old setup with a different router/continent, and hence that could be why it does not connect now. If I did something like that, I have long since forgotten what I did.

Suggestions as to how to proceed (without re-installing/updating to LEAP-15.1 (as I am not yet ready for that on this PC)) and where to look for my faux pas would be appreciated.

Problem solved.

I confess I am so rusty I totally forgot what I needed to do.

All that was necessary was for me to remove /etc/resolve.conf and reboot.

Turns out ‘resolve.conf’ had hard coded some IP aspects associated with my old LAN (a continent away).

Good to know that you’re back online Lee! :slight_smile: