No Internet Connections in OpenSuse 12.2 - problem with resolv.conf fixed

Hello every one,
If you are Unable to connect to internet in OpenSuse 12.2 then you are in the right place, and the solution was found!!!
I am new to OpenSuse 12.2. I got a problem to connect to the internet via my wired and wireless connection. The connections appears and tells that I am connected but now internet no ping to DNS. I spend almost three days to know what is going on finally, the problem located in the DNS, and in a file name:

 /etc/resolv.conf.*// the * to state any file with this name

that generated automatically after each connection after new reboot, or Shut_down

just delete this file (s) through

 rm /etc/resolv.conf.*// the * to state any file with this name


 rm  /etc/resolv.conf 

and then reboot the system and the internet connections will be automatically re-established with a new file name resolv.conf set to the default system configuration,
I hope that can help and tell me if you find that helpful lol!,

Removing default config files is not a solution, at most a temporary workaround. If this would be required to create networkconnections, you should have filed a bug report instead, but my gut feeling says something else is going on.