No Internet Connection

Hello, I performed a clean install of OpenSuse 12.3 on my desktop computer but, I am unable to establish an internet connection. There is no problem with my other computers. OpenSuse installed on OracleVM on one computer also has a connection. Thanks for any help.

Hi there,

unfortunately this seems to be an issue for a few users who’ve done a clean install.

For me this helped:
Open YAST (on KDE open the kicker, goto Computer and click on YAST or type it; on GNOME type it on the dash (is it what’s called?)).
Now open the module Network-Settings and choose “Network-Manager” in the tab “Global”.
If it’s selected by default, then use ifup, save the settings, reopen YAST and click on “Network-Manager” again and accept (the configuration should now be overwritten).
After a reboot you should be able to connect with the standard KDE-module.

It’s sad that such an important part of the OS has a flaw in the final release. But once you’ve figured it out, opensuse shows all its shininess =).

Feel free to ask, when you’ve got problems.

After the installation, your network card may not come up as not configured. You can run YaST / Network Devices / Network Services / Overview Tab / select network device if it says UnConfigured then Select Edit button and make sure to select Dynamic Access with DHCP, select Next and then OK and your network device should start working.

Thank You,

Very good Simon!
That worked well. Choosing “…Network Manager” was all that was needed. Thanks, Mike.