No internet connection

I a drive go out on my machine - Leap 15.0
I found that if I did a cold boot, I could copy about 6 files off the bad drive to a good drive. So, I did that until I got all the critical files off the bad drive. This meant I did a cold boot many, many times. During the course of this process, I noticed an error message saying that the update process couldn’t access one of the repositories. I ignored it for the time.

When I got finished, I noticed that I could no longer access the internet.
None of my other devices are having a problem. That means my router is connecting.
From my machine, I can connect to my printers and I can log into my other computers using ssh. I can log in to my router. This seems to indicate that my network card is working properly. I just can’t get any browser or mail client to access anything outside of my home network.
I created a new user on my machine and the problem persists.

I cannot find the problem although I admit There must be someplace I’m not aware of.

Do you get a response from:


(that’s a google site).

If you get a response, then your internet connection is fine but you are having DNS problems. If you just get an error (may “destination unreachable”) then your routing is broken.

I can ping google.
Do I understand that:
My ISP provides DNS addresses that will be used unless I set DNS addresses in my router, which wil be used unless I provide DNS in my computer? In other words the computer overrides the router and the router overrides the ISP? Then, the DNS settings in my computer are wrong. However, in Network settings, the entries are blank.


You can try running (as root)

netconfig -f update

to see if that fixes the problem.

  1. Are you set up to use Wicked as your network setting manager (default setting for those who installed as 15.0) or Network Manager (recommended for those who use WiFi)?

  2. Regardless whether you are using Wicked or Network Manager, are you specifying an IP address (ie configuring a Static IP address) or are you set up as a DHCP client (most home Internet gateways are set up to provide DHCP services)?


It did. Thank you!

Sorry, I should have said I’m using Wicked as I am hard wired to the router. (It’s quicker). I am using DHCP although I have the router specify a static address for all devices on my network.