No Internet Conection

Hi, on the installation process I set up the card (no idea what I did but it worked, it would be a great idea if it’s not that complicated… for new users it’s a confusing) so now I’m inside suse but with no internet, I saw that all the network services are disabled, and when I tried to enable something it says to install something but how if I don;'t have internet connection… I’m really trying to give suse a try but the whole yast thing is a pain, I don’t even see my wireless icon on the taskbar. When Itried to re activate something it says: these packadges need to be installed: iw

I’m using a usb adapter, model: AWUS036NH

Any idea how to fix this?

Your adapter is based on the RT3070 chipset which requires a specific firmware; install kernel-firmware package and reboot.

When Itried to re activate something it says: these packadges need to be installed: iw

Informationen für Paket iw:
Repository: openSUSE-13.2-Oss
Name: iw
Version: 3.11-2.1.2
Arch: x86_64
Anbieter: openSUSE
Installiert: Ja
Status: aktuell
Installierte Größe: 135,9 KiB
Zusammenfassung: Configuration utility for nl80211 based wireless drivers
  iw is a nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wireless devices. It
  supports almost all new drivers that have been added to the kernel

Install it from Installation-DVD or Installation-USB…

Thanks for your help guys, but remember I’m new to linux. Miuku, how do I download that kernel and install it? and Sauerland, I tried inserting the CD but I don’t know how to install that archive, can you guide me please?

Thanks again for your help

It is not the kernel it is a special package you need to add to your current kernel. It is on the install media so insert the media go to yast software management and search for **kernel-firmware

**Install that reboot should then get you working network

Thank you, I’m right there now but when I click on update the kernel it tries to go online to download it from the repo, how can I tell it to look into the cd?
Thanks again

Ignore it…

Well I’m sorry if a windows user doesn’t know how to work on linux for the first time, hopefully you won’t have a problem somewhere else an they give you the answer: ignore it…

I’m going to try Arch linux, at least the community is better for what I heard…
I said I was new to linux since the beggining and I had to make like 3 posts asking for the same, if you are not going to go all the way, don’t ****ing start, do it right or don’t do it at all…

The gentleman told you to search for kernel-firmware package…NOT the kernel package, so there would be nothing to update so far as the kernel. It is a matter of finding the kernel-firmware package through YAST and installing it from the install disk or whatever you are using. Then, reboot and the system should be working for you. So, he was saying to ignore anything about updating the kernel message. I don’t think he was being rude or not understanding. The misunderstanding is between searching for the kernel package and the kernel-firmware package.

Misunderstandings happen, please be respectful in the forum and if something isn’t clear, just ask for clarification, we are all trying to help… but infusing language to kick off the filters won’t go over well.