No Internet Access

Hello All,
The net connection on my openSUSE 13.1 was working perfectly fine and in fact my previous post was made from that. But now all of a sudden, the net connection doesn’t seem to work. It is getting the IP address (checked with ifconfig) but not able to access any websites. I am posting this thread from another system.

Would much appreciate any help.


Do I understand you correctly, you are still on 13.1, right?
Why are you posting this in the “Pre-Release/Beta” forum then? :wink:
Maybe ask for your thread to be moved.

To your problem:
Can you access hosts on the Internet by IP-Address?


(this would point to a DNS problem)

Please post the file /etc/resolv.conf in that case.

This is CLOSED pending a move to Network/Internet.

Moved from Pre-Release/Beta and open again.

Since I was getting a reply from, I went ahead and updated my network setting with the command $> netconfig update -f

Tried to ping websites now and got successful replies.

Thank you.

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