no intel wireless firmware for openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 2?

I d/l’d the build on DW thinking I’d be of some help and the intel wireless firmware didn’t load or wasn’t there in the first place which is hard to believe…

M2 isn’t that rough is it? It’s hard to help out when I can’t get online…:slight_smile:

/sbin/lspci -nnk

post the wireless part

caf…I’ve only got the livecd, but will do that next time I boot it up…I was really gobsmacked when my wireless indicator on the vostro didn’t light up :sarcastic::wink:

Which wireless card does your system have? That model of Dell lists three different cards. If it’s the 5110 or 5300, the driver is iwlagn and is in M2. I’m using it now.

Hi…I’m on my Vostro. Wireless is intel 5300. I’ll do another download…it sure didn’t load up…

side note…this 11.2 KDE4.4 x64 I’m using for work is the most awesome distro release I’ve ever used…rock solid and quick…very very impressed…I’m sold on oSUSE now.