No image after boot

At boot (tried four times), startup screen shows and after that my screen no longer gets any signal. What is wrong? I have a radeon x1600 card, any other hardware you need to know to help me solve my problem?

Guess Suse11?
Had Problems with my x1950… try getting into the console (eg failsave-start) as root.

Sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

Should activate your grafical environment with standard “vesa” drivers…

if not starting, go into grafical environment with


after this…

Surely no 3D etc. in vesa-mode, i didn’t manage to get my ati-driver work yet g

where should i enter the code. if i just choose fail safe the same happens, so shuould i enter the commands somewhere?

can i start opensuse in text mode? so i can install the latest radeon drivers from commandline? is thie possible?

even in failsave-mode you don’t even get a console shown on your screen??!!

Uhm… hardware-issues? Videocard or screen defect? Did you test with another screen?

Concerning linux/kernel-stuff itself others could help more than me! :-/