No idea what i am doing...


I am new to Open Suse and i installed the 13.2 version on my laptop. I was ok with it (kde is better than i thought) but at some point i decided to go for Tumbleweed so i never have to upgrade again as i was, as i said, ok with it. Now i don’t know what i have to do with repos and such, i also have problems with programs that i do not want to upgrade to unstable, but they do and it’s becoming a mess.

I can’t find any guides to help with what repos i should enable, how to make safe updates and all that. Do i get programs from one click install or they mess with my system because they are unstable? Should i just use Yast?

I use linux some years now but i never bothered with what it does and how, i use it for my work (graphics,video and audio). I just want my programs and everything to work, so please excuse my ignorance. should answer all your questions.

In particular, see here for which repos you should have:

You should remove all your 13.2 repos to prevent problems.
And you should use “zypper dup” to update.

If you add additional repos, you are on your own. But it shouldn’t be necessary anyway, as Tumbleweed should have the latest stable versions of everything.
You’d only need additional repos for software that are not included in the standard repos. But it’s probably better ask for the specific case then if unsure.

For installing the packages included in Tumbleweed, you can use YaST or “zypper in xxx” (no need for a 1-click install), but that’s not specific to Tumbleweed at all, it’s the same for the “normal” releases as well.

If you do not want to upgrade all packages to the latest available versions, then Tumbleweed is not for you I’d say.
Stay with a “stable” release in that case.

Thank you very much. I will use your recommendations and if things go wrong i will consider the option to move back to 13.2 because i have no technical knowledge on problems that appear.