no hdmi signal when running opensuse 12.1 (monitor black)

monitor is black when connected to my hdmi monitor and using hdmi cable. when I boot up opensuse 12.1 and choose failsafe I can see the operating system but when I boot up into the normal opensuse my monitor is black. I can hear the sounds of the operating system booting up but hdmi screen is blank how cani get opensuse working on the hdmi monitor?

I don’t have a video card, my graphics are onboard between i7 3770k and motherboard p8z77

what output device were you using prior to the hdmi monitor? and how was it connected

what desktop are you using ?

using kde desktop
was using d-sub with a different monitor now connected hdmi cable. I typed in nomodeset after boot options vga=0x314 and got to see my desktop but the next time I forgot to type in nomodeset and blank screen again how can I set it up so I don’t have to keep typing in nomodeset