Hello there, I am trying to upgrade from 15.0 to 15.1. The procedure stops with ’ no hard-disk’.
I am booting (better ‘trying to boot’) from DVD. The ISO image has been verified and found to
be OK. What information should I provide to help you helping me? This message is being
generated on the PC to be upgraded, with English a the default language and German and
Norwegian as optional languages. The upgrade is being done with English as language both
for language and keyboard.

Suggestions are appreciated!
Jan Christian

And what happened before it?

You entered the DVD into the DVD device, you let the system boot, anything before that message?

Everything looked fine, the message was totally unexpected. I have tried to find
some meaningful log file, but have given up.

Jan Christian

Is this an answer to my question or just some thoughts?

I apologize !!! In the meantime, I have found one error, and am stuck with several others. The error:
I did choose the wrong disk at the start of the installation. After ‘System Probing’, there was an option
‘System for Update’. Uncritically, I selected the green highlighted ‘/dev/sda2 btrfs’ option, selecting
‘/dev/sda2 btrfs’ brought me a step further.

However, I am stuck with the ‘kdewallet’ (which I definitely want to avoid) and other weird things happening;
I will resort to other mails with appropriate subject headers.

In any case: I am sorry for wasting your time with incomplete answers to you questions!

Jan Christian