No GUI on Rasberry Pi3

I downloaded and installed the XFCE version for the Pi. It boots to a terminal and I can login as root. But when I invoke startx it fails with…

 xinit failed. /usr/bin/Xorg is not setuid

I added user ion and tried from his login. It also fails.

I would like to understand what the error means and then fix it. Thanks in advance.

Yes, that is normal, is it set to boot graphical or multi-user?

systemctl get-default
{if multi-user}
systemctl set-default

As root I invoked

 systemctl set-default 

and now it opens window 7 which reports…

 Started update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes

and goes no further.

You mean tty7? If you switch to tty 1 do you have a login? All my RPi’s are multi-user, no graphics installed so not really sure.

Yes tty7. And I can login as root on tty1.

Using openSUSE is not critical right now. It’s a borrowed Pi3 and it runs the Raspberry Pi OS perfectly well. I have a Pi4 on order and that will likely chnage a lot things. So please don’t bother with any more suggestions until I have the Pi4 up and running.