No full screen seemless in VBox 5.0.22

Hi, got kind of a weird issue going on with virtual-box 5.0.22, for whatever reason, it just refuses to display in full screen, no matter what I do. I’ve tried multiple re-installs, multiple versions of VB, multiple distros (out of desperation), installing from the ‘one click’ site to installing from the repos (with and without guest additions packaged) to installing directly off of Oracle’s site, still nothing. Searched high and low, and haven’t been able to find anything relevant (ie, most of the problems described that I’ve found turned out to be failure to install guest-additions, I wish it were that simple) …or it could be that simple, but i just can’t see it.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what it is, it was working fine, now ctrl+f gives me a big black window with a tiny little screen in the center, adding guest additions has no effect, adding a ‘hint’ in preferences>display>maximum guest screen size has no effect, I don’t get what happened -smh- I’m going to go ahead and bet the rent it’s something stupid-simple that I’m blind to because irritation has reached critical mass :shame: Not getting any ‘errors’ per se, or not looking in the right place for them, honestly don’t even know what-all info is needed by anyone wants to help, but will be glad to post whatever info is needed. If/when anyone asks…
Been using VB for a long time, and never had anything like this happen, that wasn’t solved by simply re-installing, loading guest-additions etc, I’m well and truly stumped, anyone else ever had this happen, or know how to fix it? Is there maybe a config file somewhere I’m overlooking?

Any insight’s greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: