No forecast widget for gnome?

Trying to find this option for gnome. I am aware that this application is available for kde in opensuse and fo gnome in other distros like “Ubu”.

Also, if somebody can suggest applications for the following (I am going to put you things hard here):

-Email notifier, but for a private email account with private domain (no gmail). I need something that offers configurable sound notifications.

-Configurable sound alarm. That you can schedule to wake you up or remind you things to do. In that way I can take advantage of linux stability and leave the box turned on all day and remind me thing, even telling me to " get up"

-How to erase history of documents and applications used in the gnome menu.

-PDF editor

-Any linux service or at least friendly to linux (legal), to download tunes.

-Any integration of banshee with magnatunes or other music community?

Ok that is it for now.

A quit question:
for how long are the opensuse release supported?
Any way to upgrade without having to reinstall the OS again?
IS SLDE any different in this regard?
IS opensuse loaded with an antivirus by default? I thought it was not necessary.

Thanks in advance.

  1. not sure for GNOME as I don’t use it.

  2. KDE3 has/used to have korn which lives in your taskbar and displays how many new emails one has, don’t know for GNOME

  3. KDE4 has such an alarm. Dunno about GNOME

  4. OOo can edit PDFs but I’m not sure how well and what it supports or doesn’t. Can’t recall off the top of my head any third party programs for PDF editing as I don’t use PDFs much

  5. Amazon

  6. Banshee is a resource pig and Mono infested. Can’t help much on it, sorry

  7. openSUSE has a life cycle of 2 years with patches/updates

  8. SLED is for corporate desktops and I think you need to buy support for patches (not sure though)

  9. it has but it’s not loaded with. Antivirus is currently not needed on Linux unless you run it as a mail server for Windows machines

Sorry, couldn’t help much on the GNOME side as I don’t use it, dislike it, and run away from it for many many different reasons (including Mono dependence for a lot of GTK apps and upcoming GTK# infection, thanks to our wonderful jackass Miguel de Icaza)

I liked opensuse KDE more, however it is unstable and seems to always be in testing phase.
There should be a more polished KDE. 3.5 was great now 4.1 fails to recognize my video card.

you can very easily upgrade to kde 4.2.4, just add the repos in yast or zypper and fire up :wink:
I’m currently on 4.2.4 and it’s been extremely stable for me and of course a lot of improved compared to 4.1.x

what repository?

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop

though now only 4.3rc2 is available so no 4.2.4 anymore. Still, others run 4.3rc2 and are very pleased with it.