no exif-rotation in kde slideshow screensaver


I think it is very annoying, that kde slideshow screensaver does not rotate images according to the jpeg exif information. I’ve found a bug report from 2005 for this topic Bug 103282 - no exif-rotation in slideshow) but as far as I see it still does not work. Any idea how can I set up kde to rotate the images?


I am not surprised that the KDE screensaver slide show does not read the jpeg exif file makomika as this seems to be more of a digital camera thing. Anyone wanting to know more can read the information at:

ImpulseAdventure - JPEG / Exif Orientation and Rotation

If you still own a copy of Windows why not use the Downloader Pro utility to covert your images so any display program will show them properly, including the KDE slide show screen saver? Since the intent is to always show the images rotated properly, a one time conversion would save you a lot of grief it seems to me. More information about this utility can be seen at:

ImpulseAdventure - Downloader Pro Review for Importing digital photos

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