No ethernet after moving from Sky to BT Smarthub 6

Windoze works fine
Wifi works fine
But no ethernet when I dual boot to linux
Had this problem ever since I switched to BT and their Smarthub 6
I have disabled IPV6 in Yast network settings
Whilst I have very happily been using Linux as my primary desktop for a few years and remain a fan, I still struggle with network stuff so grateful for your advice
Thanks in advance

After searching this has helped but I also lost connection and had to reboot PC so not quite there:

So, are you getting a network address and have a valid default route?

ip address
ip route

If that checks out and it is just resolving internet host names that is the issue, it may just be that /etc/resolv.conf isn’t getting configured via NM, Check for a valid name server with

grep "name" /etc/resolv.conf

If necessary you can remove it (as root) and restart NM with

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

Any different?

Apologies for delay in responding. Your commands let me see what my network was called. It was missing from my connections network configuration panel and all I had to do was add a wired network called “enp0s25” and it all works fine now. Thanks so much

Ah, you mean the device node name. Glad to have been of help!