No Editing of "My Profile" "About Me" Tab Content Possible

Mailing list post directing me here:

From mailing list thread OP:

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The “Customize My Profile” button doesn’t provide link(s) to edit any of my information, regardless of browser used. Zip. Nada. The only link in the lower right main section is “this page” under “Contact”.

I tried that (with myself as user). Since I’m a moderator, what I see might be different.

And what I see are some text fields for tweaking things like colors. I have no idea what to enter in them, so I backed out of that page.

At the top of forum pages (top right), there should be a link for “Settings”. That’s where I go to change things. On that settings page, there’s an “Edit profile”. That’s probably what you are looking for.

Do you not see this?

Do not be concerned if yours looks a tiny bit different: ie: Yours won’t say!

If you do, note the little yellow “pencils” on the right of each line. Click on the “pencil”.

If you do not see that, post back here.

You need to click on the About Me tab, then scroll down.

… but, yes, using the settings link, then the edit profile links in the left column, is the way I usually do it.

Apparently I never managed to get the mouse pointer over one of those itty bitty link targets long enough to present as a link. Their existence as edit links could use substantial improvement. Those “pencils” look like those useless flag icons on browser tabs and the bookmarks toolbar back in the early development of tabbed browsing.

Need for improvement also goes for the icons surrounding this textarea. Without the tooltips on hover I’d be unable to determine what most are for.

Yeah, I suppose. Not a lot of disagreement from me, I think.:\