No Dual Boot On PowerG4 iBook

I installed OpenSuse on my G4. I put OSX on one partition and created free space for OpenSuse on the rest of the drive. Upon install, OpenSuse automatically created the partitions I needed. There were no errors on the summary page just prior to final installation so I went ahead. I installed OpenSuse. When the system rebooted, it didn’t give me the option to choose between the two operating systems. Rather, it went directly to OpenSuse. I thought this was part of the reboot process, which I am sure it was.

However, it keeps happening. OpenSuse runs smoothly when it runs excepting this problem. I have to boot OSX by using their install utility and then that runs smoothly. I’m writing this on OSX now.

There was no other problems with either OS. I just don’t have the option to choose between the two.

With the repair utility, I went into the Boot Loader options. The option to not list the OSs is UNchecked but my machine goes into just OpenSuse. There is also an untitled partition left. I see it as an extra drive when I login to OSX.

Now, I am stuck and need help.

Thanks in advance.

Well Apple stuff is a mystery :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you boot the installer in EFI mode? if it installed in MBR mode it may have problems seeing other OS. on the other hand it may have problem seeing Apple OS’s???

I don’t know what those two conventions are. I tried reading up of EFI. But I didn’t understand it. Is this a simple way? I had a brain injury and just want a simple Linux option. I would install Ubuntu but it says that I don’t have a proper wireless configuration. It won’t even start the install. I realize this is not an Ubuntu forum. I am just telling what I have been through.

Anyway, I will try the F1 option on OpenSuse and see if that tells me if I have EFI.

Any help anyone can please offer is greatly appreciated.