No display showing after todays update

Then perhaps you could change your bootloader video settings and see if it helps, check your monitor specs, etc.

Note that besides the console resolution setting you may have a video=NNNNxNNNN entry in kernel options. The problematic box has this, set to the TV resolution, and another, connected to the monitor, don’t. I haven’t played with it yet, first I have to find what part of the myriad video modes during boot it affects.

Perhaps you could go the other way I did - if you have access to a TV that you can connect to your box, of course.

Well I cannot explain what happened originally when I updated, or when I installed a second copy of TW. I then managed to screw up trying to use BTRFS snapshots. So I bit the bullet and re-installed TW on the original disk and it’s now the only one installed and it’s working fine, no problems with the graphics card or monitor, never was a monitor issue as I have KVM switch so I can see my W7 desktop on a mini PC which runs my weather station so I know the monitor is good.

Something happened on that last update which screwed it but no ideas what.