no display on boot

i just installed opensuse yesterday and it’s very nice. i wanted to install the driver for my ati mobility radeon hd 5470, so i followed the steps on:
SDB:ATI drivers - openSUSE

unfortunately, after the reboot, opensuse had booted but there was nothing on my screen :frowning:
(basically, just a blank screen)

could someone please help,
thanks :slight_smile:

First thing to try: boot with the option nomodeset.

i don’t know how to. whenever i boot my laptop, grub opens and i see two options for opensuse:

  1. opensuse 11.4
  2. opensuse 11.4 (failsafe)

so now what should i do?

this is the picture to add modest at the grub screen File:Nomodeset-example.jpg - openSUSE, just add to the boot options field but remember it’s only for that boot

this is the documentation/explaination SDB:Configuring graphics cards - openSUSE

yay! it worked! thanks: please_try_again and google01103

but i think the cursor looks slightly different.

i saw the link, and like i said before, i have an ati graphics card (hd 5470), problem is when i type man radeon in the terminal, it doesn’t show me my card. there is a hd 5450, but no hd 5470, lol, so is my card is still supported?

if you this you cursor is off you could post a pic, maybe someone will know something relevant - but you say you just installed openSuse so it’s different from what? an earlier version of openSuse? Windows?

is the diff between 5450 and 5470 amount of graphics ram? if so no worry - statement from ATI regarding 5470 drivers Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Drivers - think non-issue

what i mean is that when i installed opensuse, the cursor was slightly rounded at the edges, if i am not mistaken, now it’s all pointy. anyway, i’ll figure that out somehow.

that “nomodeset” thing is not permanent for me, so i’ll have to look at the other steps.

ATI Radeon

(see the first 5 from the top) the graphic ram is the same in both, so i guess it’s not a problem?

oops, i made a huge mistake. i didn’t realise the graphic drivers were already loaded when i installed opensuse, so that screwed it up. i reinstalled the graphic driver but it still didn’t work, so i reinstalled the os, this time everything was set back to normal :slight_smile: