No Display after starting.

I am not having much luck with the install. I am trying to install 11.0 with XP and installation would hangup installing grub. Under expert tools on the installation dvd I selected “boot from master record”
I restarted my computer and 11.0 was starting to load in text. Then all of sudden my screen goes black with a few lines. I have a Nvidia 6800. I thought you get the drivers after install?
I was hoping to get openSuse 11.0 to load then I could hopefully get my dual boot fixed after.

Is there any message at all? Or a log in prompt?

If not, maybe the resolution or refresh rate on your boot screen is out of range. Try rebooting and arrow around on the grub screen, and change the vga options at the bottom to some really low number like vga=0x018 0r something, and try booting up then.

There is nothing. It acts as though the screen resolution is off.

Got a second monitor you could try? You should be able to tell if the system is booting up if you listen for the hard drive searching. Do you hear that or is it just stalled?

Are you saying that you went through the installation up to the Boot Loader step and that it failed completely at that point?

If so, you have a partial installation and need to repeat the process. We can’t be sure just yet why it would fail at that point. But to get around that, when you get to the boot loader step, enter the dialog, click on the Boot Loader Installation tab, and in the Location column check ONLY “boot from root partition”. Click on Boot Options button, and make sure the boxes in the upper-left are all clear. We’ll take care of finishing the dual-boot setup afterward.

Also, when you do redo the installlation, in the Boot Options on the DVD menu, type this:


That should ensure the installation reboots in-place for the last stage instead of looping all the way back through the bios, in which case it will not yet boot into openSUSE to finish.

And yes, you’ll install the proprietary nvidia driver post-install. But if you didn’t get successfully past the Boot Loader setup, you didn’t get far enough to set up the open source driver you’ll use in the interim.