No display after deleting icon in kde4

SuSE 11
Dell 9100

This is not the checkerboard issue! I am currently running kde3 and got the same issue please help. ::

IM having some trouble with my display, that all began when I was moving an icon on a panel in KDE4. I was in ‘move mode’ when I clicked ‘delete’ on the icon.

Suddenly my entire screen went blank, and my monitor had a dim grey glow. After rebooting the same thing happened after the suse loading bar during startup.

I reinstalled my entire root partition. But left my home partition untouched. And chose KDE3 as the DE because I thought maybe the ‘immature’ kde4 was to blame.

I booted up and alas the issue was resolved, or so I thought.

I went on to install my ati driver as i have before successfully numerous times.

To install I basically switch to TTY1,
init 3,
and then install the rpm,
and once that finished i run ldconfig,
ati-config --initial --input=/etc/X11.xorg.conf,
sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx

As soon as I rebooted, same trouble.

I can hit caps lock and it lights up, but I cant switch to any terminal, and there doesnt appear to be a mouse.

Booting into fail-safe works fine.

I was playing with some compiz settings before I moved the icon that started this all.

I’m sure there is some config or options file that was in my home partition that was loaded with the ati or sax config.

this issue isnt ati driver because it was working fine for weeks before this issue happened.

Any help on how to fix this issue would be great.

Gray screen sounds more like a compiz issue if you get this only after logging in from gdm/kdm login screen.

After logging in, switch to a console CTRL+ALT+F1 login there with your username

$ps aux | grep compiz
$kill -9 compiz_PID

switch back to your session (ALT+F7) - if that is solved then it’s compiz.

Either disable it or rename /home/yourusername/.config/compiz folder to …/compiz_bad and than try to re-login.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply Ghost.

I thought I mentioned this in my firsy post, but I cant even switch to the alternate terminals.

Well, I can, but my screen still doesnt show them. THe only way I could tell was that if I turn on caps lock in tty7, and switch to tty1, caps lock will be off. I can do that for every terminal and it maintains the caps lock setting weh n I jump back. But no prompt, not even a flash.


I rewrote the name for the compiz config to no avail. I also tried the same with the kde and kde4 folders, no go.

I discovered that if I entered ‘x11failsafe’ at the boot prompt that my screen would display properly, except for the refresh rate.

Knowing that I decided to make a backup of my xorg.conf file though and replaced it with a fresh copy and restarted.

Issue gone! Woohoo.

I’m not sure what sax added to the new config file that gooeyed it all, but i guess Ill just let my box use the default setting since i wont be running any intense graphics in the near future.

Thanks to Ghost for replying!