No disc recgonized

I can’t install the Open SUSE 11.1 at my server because the system can’t see any disks.
I have created a hardware RAID-0 using I20 scsi controlorer.
Could you have any advice what should I do/try ?

It’s probably because the drivers for your hard drive controller are not being provided/installed.

Are you installing from the DVD or a live CD?

With my system, no live CD I’ve tried detects the hard drives, only the DVD does.

No, I am using DVD. Generaly previous versions 10.X did not have these problems …

Is it just that it’s not reading the disk at boot?

What if you are in an existing OS. Can you read the contents of your install dvd in the file browser?

I found this Adaptec i2o based SCSI controller fails to initialize during SLES11 installation

Here is the suggested resolution

The installation needs to be started with the following options appended:


This will ensure the module dpt_io2 will be used to support the controller otherwise the system cannot reserve the
requested memory regions as those are already in use by the i2o* modules.

Hopefully it will help.