No dictionaries in KDE ABC widget.

The dictionary widget ABC doesn’t respond with a definition after a word is entered. At minimum I would like US English definitions. A right click on the ABC widget gives the option to “Configure Dictionary”. If I select this by clicking on it, a blank dialog box is displayed that should indicate available dictionaries. There are none listed and I am at a loss as to how to add any or get this widget to populate the list of available dictionaries. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated as I used this ABC widget a lot in previous versions with no additional setup or configuration.

No problems with the widget here, albeit on Leap 15.2 ( )

Rather clutching at straws, you could try a forced re-install of “plasma5-addons”.

As an aside, 15.1 is approaching end of life (end of November 2020), you may want to start considering updating to 15.2