No Desktop On Boot Xorg Error(OpenSuse 11.0)s.o.s

When i boot i just get a terminal which i can log in to my user and no desktop starts up and after a bit i get an XORG error And tells me to go to checked it out but i did not find anything special there…

BTW when i boot with failsafe mode the desktop works fine but if i boot with the normal mode i get an xorg error


Tell us more about your system, esp, graphics, what version of suse, what desktop - gnome - kde??? etc…

get out of all the xorg dialogs and get to a bash prompt and run sax2.

Cpu:AMD Anthol 64 x2 Dual Core 6000+

Garphics card:Nvidia 8600gt sli

Ram:2 gig

MotherBoard:Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe

Os’s:Vista 64Bit And OpenSuse 64Bit (Gnome selected On Desktop Installation But In Confermation Of Installation I selected theme all i.e KDE 3.5 KDE4)

I alredy Tried sax2 But There is an error with the screen

If you have NOT installed the nVidia driver click the following - you will need your root password. When it’s all done do Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to restart the desktop.

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Yes go to failsafe if you can login to a GUI that way.

we will deal with windows later*

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You need to explain yourself more clearly.

I have no idea what you mean.**

When i boot with failsafe i cant find my windows files in there(linux files)

Dude are we trying to sort out your nVidia ???

I gave you a link to click on. Did you run it.?


Regarding windows, you need to post some info.

Open a terminal and type
then your root password (it does not display as you type)


fdisk -l

also post the contents of

gnomesu gedit /etc/fstab

Man chill out
Do i need internet for the package becuase i dont have internet yet on suse…

Yes you need internet.

You can download the driver manually. But maybe you better wait, it complicated for a new user.

Just use failsafe for now when you boot.

Post the other info I asked for and we can help with access to your windows partition.

Post a new topic for setting up your internet if it’s a problem - wireless can be tricky.
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Thx For ur Concern i found my windows partitions now i just have to figure out the nvidia driver…

If you get your internet working it should be easy just using the oneclick I gave you.

See how you get on with the internet and let us know.

FYI. I wasn’t getting stroppy with you before, I just couldn’t get a grip on what you were asking. lol!

Also - FYI

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