No Default Gnome Theme

Hey folks! I grabbed the Gnome-only SuSE M6 build 0577 a few days ago, and set to installing it on my macbook pro (ugghghhg). (M5 did not work past the splash screen- went to a blank screen. Switching virtual terminals worked, though)

My first attempt at installing borked, and it froze in the last stages of install. My second time through, I booted to the live gnome desktop first, then ran the installer. I noticed the gnome desktop had no theme! And it looked very sparse. The single-panel was missing, and a two-panel setup was visible instead. In addition, the new search-start-menu-like thing that they’ve included in the recent gnome desktops was gone too. In fact, it was just the default gnome desktop, plain and simple! I thought it was a fluke, and kept installing. It worked, but the default gnome desktop persisted ):

Below is a screenshot:

Thanks fer your help!

This is not a screen of openSUSE. I think you must be confused.

From the news page:

gconf2-branding-openSUSE isn’t installed by default, which causes no default settings (e.g. Sonar theme isn’t used by default, two panels instead one-panel arrangement, etc…). Workaround: install gconf2-branding-openSUSE package.

So, Install this package (gconf2-branding-openSUSE).

Thank you :3 you are great.

It’s what I get for getting the release before they even make the announcement.

Yeah I got this too from the Milestone 6, I grabbed the Gnome live CD (64bit) and ran it, live version got that screen and same when I installed it too.
Regards Peter.