No connection to Internet Via Router (DHCP)

Good Morning Team,

I have a fresh install of Leap 42.1 which is connect to a router running DHCP.

I also have a PC connected to the same router, which also is DHCP and connects to the internet with NO PROBLEM

I have gone into Yast2/Hardware/Network Settings and assigned DHCP to eth0

and set the default route to the gateway on the router

I cannot ping the gateway or the PC…

It appears that the Linux box (leap 42.1) is not picking up an IP Address from the Router

If I run the command journalctl -fu NetworkManager, with Ethernet plug OUT, then plug it back in
waiting 5 mins nothing comes up on the screen…

ifconfig shows eth0 and lo but no address…

Any help would be greatly appreciated

All the best from Alan

Are you using Networkmanager or wicked??

To begin with, you should test if your NIC is up and has an IP address. When not, then all further testing is useless.

ifconfig -a

No Ip Shown in result…

All the best from Alan

Sorry you have ask a question I don’t know, any changes have been down by Yast

All the best from Alan

Please, always show what you see, complete: the prompt, the command, the output (even if it you think it is “empty”), the next prompt. We can then jump to our own conclusions and you do not have to fall back to story tellling like “No Ip shown in result”.
Copy/paste from the teminal window into the post between CODE tags. You get the CODE tags by clicking on the # button in the tool bar of the post editor.

When I take your report for what you think it says, it would man that your network card is not at all detected by your system.

Let us see what is detected:

hwinfo --netcard --short

You need to know what program is used it my be wicked or Networkmnager. set up is different. You can determine and set which in yast.

As I interprete what he wrote, he uses YaST alone (thus wicked). At least he tried a few things there like configuring the default gateway (which is in itself useless because he wants to use DHCP). But a long as there is not even a NIC detected, choosing which way to go is pointless.