No community repos in Yast

I,ve made several installations of Leap, both Gnome and KDE as VM:s and on bare metal. Since a couple of weeks Yast does not show any community repos when trying to add repos.
Both Packman- and Nvidia-repos can be installed via zypper on commandline.
Does anyone know why the repos suddenly disappeard from Yast?

Bug 1203213]( - List of Community repositories almost empty … (no “nVidia”, etc.)

That relates to Leap 15.3, but perhaps 15.4 is afflicted in the same manner?

Yes, it seems so. The difference is the “www.”:

This URL does not work:
This works (for 15.4)

Indeed… Added comment to Bug 1203213](

Thank you!


Only just noticed you’re a new forum member, rather remiss of me.

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Thank you Paul!
Yes it’s the first time I posted on the forum.
I have used other Linux distros for the last twenty years but haven’t tried openSUSE for the last 5-6 years but I felt it was high time to dig in to btrfs.