No Clock in Taskbar

Recently tried to upgrade to 4.2 but didn’t go smoothly. Anyway, managed to sort out all my problems except for this one. I cannot get a clock to display in the taskbar. If I place the mouse cursor over what should be a clock I get a thumbnail image of a clock/stopwatch showing 00:00, take cursor away and just black space. Is there a package problem? Checked for a dependency problem but shows ok. Not sure what to do now.

have you tried right click the spot where the clock should be and change the color for the clock??

Same problem, just disappeared after 4.2 update.

Changed colour of the clock - and most other settings - but still blank on task bar. Hover shows clock at 0.00 and clicking brings up the calender as usual.

Upgrading today to KDE4.2 Release 83.1 has solved the issue