No Busy (hourglass) cursor in XFCE, XRCE 4.10/OpenSuSE 12.3

Install default out of box. Installed XFCE vice KDE, wanted “light” MS Windows looking desktop. There is no “busy” icon when launching a program. E.g. an hourglass, spinning circular arrow, etc. I have searched the internet, and the only solution I have found references a .desktop file, which doesn’t exist. Settings also does not provide or seem to provide any means of controlling mouse behaviour only the appearance of the cursor. The person using this laptop (Thinkpad t40) without seeing e.g. firefox loading constantly “click” on the icon slowing system by loading multiple instances.

I am frustrated enough to reinstall XP for this use, even though I’ve been using Linux since 1996. Also, could not find all the KDE using YaST software installer, leading to more frustration. I used 11.2 on another machine without any hitches, but it has required a lot of tweaking to keep running.

Out of curiosity,
I’ve been seeing this behavior most notable launching FF no matter what Desktop, are you seeing this with other apps?

(I’ve been looking at this on and off for awhile now. Not sure at the moment why FF takes so long to load, is default install without additional plugins).


Same issue with Firefox, Gimp and LibreOffice Writer. Utilities such as YaST load quickly enough to not notice. FF has the “usual” plugins, Flash & Java.

(Firefox does do the same thing in IceWM.) I have not tried other apps w/ IceWM, and would prefer XFCE if not for this issue.