no brightness control on some vaio notebooks

Hi, I’m new to the opensuse forums, but not to suse.
I’ve tried 11.2 milestone 4 on my notebook (sony vaio fz), hoping to see it recognizing correctly all the hardware, but it’s not.
My notebooks needs a piece of software to control the screen backlight, because it isn’t automatically controlled in hardware.
With 11.1 I used a guide on this forum to install nvclock from sources, compile it, and assigning the keys to two scripts that changed the display brightness. (link) This is good, i can change the display brightness and save battery power, but it doesn’t integrate with the standard kde dialogs! (clicking on the battery icon in the panel the brightness item is disabled).
Last week i tried fedora 11 on my laptop, and its live-cd automatically recognize the backlight control of my notebook! And it goes even futher, enabling the backlight to be controlled clicking on the battery icon in the panel!
If it works in fedora, why don’t include the fix in suse?

thanks, Matteo