No booting kernel since 4.12.7-1-default

I have yet to see a booting kernel since 4.12.7-1-default for my home server. It hangs at loading ramdisk.

This is for AMD 64 dual core 4200 / Geforce 7600 GS

Any help with this is much appreciated!

Really 4.12.7? That’s old…
Did you try newer ones? The current one is 4.14.11…
Which one do you have installed now?

If it hangs at that point, it may be a problem with the CPU firmware/microcode update.
Maybe adding “dis_ucode_ldr” to the kernel boot options may help. (press ‘e’ at the boot menu and append the option at the end of the line starting with “linux” or “linuxefi”)

There were other users with the same symptoms caused by the recent security updates, so if you do have the latest kernel, you may try one if these options too:

Also, is this a 32bit or 64bit installation?
I do remember problems with the 32bit kernel especially on AMD CPUs in the past, switching to 64bit might help and is definitely better tested/supported nowadays.

As mentioned on factory list, 32 bit programs apparently crash kernel; so checking for services that may run them (teamviewerd comes to mind) make sense as well.

The obvious check is to try to boot into run level 1 to reduce number of started services.

I will try that boot option next time I restart…I have no services installed other than those that come with the distro…

I can now declare that the dis_ucode_ldr as kernel parameter didn’t boot the server. Still stops at loading ramdisk.

I can now declare that the dis_ucode_ldr, nopti,nospec and noefi did not work as kernel parameters…one at a time and all at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

It still hangs at loading ramdisk.

I can only repeat what I told in other threads already - those who can actually debug and fix it are listening on bugzilla.

And you still didn’t tell what kernel you are using now.

There are additional fixes already in 4.14.13, but that isn’t in Tumbleweed yet.

If it is indeed still 4.12.7, a bug report won’t make much sense…