No boot with kernel series 6.3

My Tumbleweed computer has not been able to boot with any of the latest 6.3 kernels. It can only boot with the last 6.2.12-1.1 kernel. Secure boot is not enabled and everything seems to be running fine on the old kernel.
It’s an old i7-3770 Ivy Bridge CPU on a Gigabyte MB.
What should I check for or try out?
Any help is appreciated.

Try to boot the kernel 6.3 with “nomodeser”

typo, add


to the kernel boot line in grub…

yes, typo, thanks for your correction

I’m afraid that didn’t work. I neglected to mention that I have an AMD RX 580.


At which point in boot process you see the last output in console? :slight_smile:

Have you waited some time and tried to ssh into the box to see dmesg and/or journal?

Do you have the following Intel Firmware and Microcode packages installed?

  • kernel-firmware-intel
  • ucode-intel

If you press the “Escape” key while booting, at which point does the boot stop executing?

Thanks @suse_rasputin & @dcurtisfra, It gives a blank screen and a simple dash for 90 seconds and no response whatsoever (caps lock lights does not work). Please check the first picture. After the 90 seconds it reboots automatically

When I try to boot in recovery mode I get a little bit of info and a kernel panic message:

“Unable to mount root” usually implies problems with initrd. Boot any live distribution, check available space under /boot, re-create initrd for your kernel.

@arvidjaar, but the system boots with kernel 6.2. it’s only 6.3 that I’m having problems with. /boot still has a lot of space left.
I did rebuilt initrd (dracut -f, correct?) but I was on the 6.2 kernel when doing so. Same problem 6.3 freezes as explained above.

Any other ideas?

Rebuild initrd for kernel 6.3. You are not forced to create intrd for the currently running kernel.

The kernet doesn’t fint you root disk means it didn’t find any filesystem on the root partition or doesn’t find the partiton. Did you changed anything in /etc/default/grub ??? Did you reformat your root partition (even with the same filesystem it would change the uuid). Was the 6.3 kernel installed completely (without error ???). Do you have a root filesystem not usual that the new kernel would not have the driver yet (like ZFS) ???

Check differences between the 6.2 kernel grub entry and the 6.3 kernel and show differences.

Thank you @PerfMonk , you might have pinpointed the problem.

All my partitions are encrypted and In grub.cfg the working kernel 6.2 has the following line:

linux /boot/vmlinuz-6.2.12-1-default root=UUID=0xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

The non working 6.3 kernels (all three)

linux /boot/vmlinuz-6.3.4-1-default root=/dev/mapper/cr_root

So i guess yes, can’t find the root partition. Do I just change this in the ggrub.cfg file or is there a utility that I should use? How do I prevent this from happening when zypper gets me the latest kernel?

The 6.3 series kernels were installed using the regular zypper upgrade. Is this a bug? should I file a report? I usually manually partition during installation and set Btrfs for root and ZFS for home. Maybe that confused the upgrade process somehow.


That’s how our four machines are configured … BTRFS for / and ZFS for /home … had no issues going to 6.3.x

Normally grub should update without changing anything by itself in the parameters… Someone must have changed the default grub entry. You can try a # update-grub or generate the grub menu # grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg to see if it correct the problem. You should not modify manually the grub.cfg file since it is a generated file and will be overwritten at next kernel update. You should correct /etc/default/grub entry if something was changed wrongly in it.

Happy Linux!

Is this here related in any way to the initial issue discribed in this thread:

…just asking…