No boot with kernel 6.2

And still no bug report?

what to report besides the info provided here? i think i have no account on the bug thingy…

That kernel 6.1 works and kernel 6.2 does not. Attach dmesg output from kernel 6.1 for reference, you may attach pictures where boot stalls with 6.2.

Same user/password as here (sometimes it may be necessary to delete cookies if login fails).

Tried my credentials from this forum over at

No joy. Simply not logging me in… pain.

After 15 attempts in a row it suddenly let me in. Need to raise a bug report on this too?


same here, just updated to 6.2.2
as I said Kernel 6.2 AMD GPU boot stuck because of iommu - #2 by S48GS
iommu still has to be off

in kernel boot or do same in bios, it is for AMD system

there is bugreport for my problem with AMD, not by me
so I do not think there reason to flood with same bugreports

I must be blind because I cannot find anything related to AMD here:

Would you kindly explain where in this output you see indication that this is AMD system?

E-h-h … to quote myself: “sometimes it may be necessary to delete cookies if login fails”. I doubt bug report will change anything, at least without 100% reproducible test case.


…this whole computer stuff is just broken. Why do I have to post all details again into another form/website? I can here Kafka laughing… Why isn’t it possible to simply mark a thread (by a mod) as a bug report and done? Just asking…

Wait if there is any help in sight by this bug report…

Look at this thread and you can answer this yourself. It is a long thread of 60 posts. Do you really think that a developer should spend her/his time in reading all of that, and do the cherry picking?

If it is a valid bug report, why not?

It certainly isn’t. All the side talking, asking the OP for more information and all the discussing is NOT a concise bug report with only the relevant information.

“valid” in the sense of “not a simple missconfig”… now we are spamming this threat. :wink:

I think the reason is that bugs can be very specific i.e. they (can) depend quite heavily on the environment (hardware, installed software, use case, …). So in most cases developers will need very specific information and this can only be provided by the person who raises (or participates in) the bug report.

Therefor it makes no sense that someone (moderator, administrator, …) not hit by the bug opens a bug report for another user.

And last but not least: Is it so hard to copy your own text from the forum to bugzilla?

@suse_rasputin just to ease your mind some users with AST (servers) cards are having the same issue, it does work at 1920x1080 but not at 1920x1200…

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Many thanks, malcolm, any source for this info that I could crossreference in the bug report?

@suse_rasputin on IRC with @Mir_ppc maybe they will join the thread.

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@suse_rasputin @Mir_ppc confirms still an issue (and will likely respond here later tonight), they are using 6.1.8 at present.

…or maybe directly in the linked bug report? I think 1 user report is nothing, 2 user reports is much more than nothing…