No boot image after installing nvidia proprietary driver in 11.3


since i installed nvidia proprietary driver on opensuse 11.3 my boot-image is gone. This is not really in issue but i would like to have it back. is there a way to get it back or a bootimage howto or something?

Hmm, I have a boot image. So maybe you can look here and see what I did different from you. Maybe the KMS in initrd thing?

thanks :slight_smile: but i installed it from nvidia package repository but i will check this kms initrd thing. i still think that you have to re-enable this, because when installing the driver from nvidia repository i get the message from yast summary that cetain changes to the configuration are done.

So, there is a repository now - very good :slight_smile:
Will update my wiki page then.

But who knows, maybe it doesnt work perfectly for everyone yet, so checking/changing the nomodeset/NO_KMS_IN_INITRD settings might stilll be a good idea…

please set your kernel boot parameter to nomodeset, before installing the nvidia driver

There is no need to this :slight_smile: I figured out that yast is doing this for you during installing the driver.