No boot after install

All, I am doing a fresh install of OpenSuse 12.2 on a new harddrive. The installation goes very smoothly with all defaults but then when it attempts to reboot from the hard drive, the machine says no OS detected. I’ve done this several times with the same result altering the configuration of the partitions.
I’ve also booted into G-parted and looked at the partitions. They look fine. I’ve booted into Super Grub and nothing I do will make the new installation boot.
Any Ideas how to get this install working?
Lenovo W510 8 core 16GB memory new Seagate 750 GB drive.

Hi, welcome?

Not funny, this. One question arises: which medium did you install from? I.e. DVD, LiveCD (if so, which one?). Another one: where did you install the bootloader?

Are you perhaps trying to install to a GPT-partitioned disk? If so, check this thread:

Thanks folks,
I was able to finally get in to that install but upon first reboot, I was right back at not being able to boot. Quick Answer QPT partition type: BAD, MSDOS partition type: Good.
I went back using G-Parted and started over with a new partition table, this time using MSDOS partition type. Did the install and I’m contentedly typing in my new OpenSuse 12.2 install. …well I say contentedly but there’s the problem with none of the widgets working and then Wine is giving me fits and then… yeah, you know the story.

Thanks for chiming in.


Glad to hear you were successful.