No battery present, suspend and power management doesn't work

After some manipulations (I suppose) with System services my MSI wind u90 netbook shows me “no battery present” in the battery applet, so I can’t control power management anymore, suspend and hibernation also don’t work.
What can I do?

Everything worked perfect before. However, perhaps it is not connected with System services, I’m not sure.

SUSE 11.3

After some manipulations
Undo those
Perhaps that is the solution

caf4926, if I knew which!! I don’t remember. How can I return to defaults in System services?

Is the battery physically in the laptop? I take mine out.
I had a similar problem with the suspend/hibernation but it was fixed by installing the Nvidia drivers strangely enough.

There should be a little yellow arrow marked “default” if I remember correctly.

Re-install is probably the easiest for you

caf4926, reinstalling isn’t linux-way to solve problems.
I think at least settings of System services can be restored easily.
Anyway I should understand the reason. I’ve already tired of reinstalling (caused by wi-fi problems).

Hang on a mo
I said: “Re-install is probably the easiest for you

Guess why?:
You admitted to fiddling with things in Sysconfig and not remembering what you had done.

Now you are telling me!

Perhaps the thing is not in Sysconfig at all. only suggestion.
Reinstall is not a method, probably or not.

I also found that Powerd daemon doesn’t start, even manually. Perhaps it is the reason. But how to repair it?

Try and zypper it or use yast to update.

I’m afraid I have to agree with the other two. Hard to know what has been disabled. I guess you’ve already navigated System Settings …>> Service Manager to check that power management is enabled.

You could check that these processes are running (to help get a handle on this)

ps -A |grep dbus
ps -A |grep upowerd

Which packages to update? I already did “dup” = full update, it didn’t help.

Unfortunately, there is no magic reset button and I don’t have a magic wand either and even if I did, they only work in situations where possibilities exist.
It takes me less than 2 hrs to re-install SUSE from scratch, update it and install all my applications and settings. Granted, I only do it the once on my work machine, but then I don’t fiddle with things I know nothing about.

Whether you consider the practice of re-installing the done thing or not - It seems to me that time should dictate your options, rather than some dogged belief.

Its most likely to be a configuration problem. Caf’s suggestion that you reinstall comes from not knowing what you may have tampered with. We can only guess from where we sit.

Did you type the commands I gave you?

I guess you could also try creating a new user account via YaST > Security and Users > User and Group Management. That will set up with default settings, and allow you to compare settings if necessary, or start over with a new account.

ps -A |grep dbus
999 ? 00:00:00 dbus-daemon
1312 ? 00:00:05 dbus-daemon
1834 ? 00:00:00 dbus-launch
1841 ? 00:00:01 dbus-daemon
3903 ? 00:00:00 dbus-launch
3904 ? 00:00:00 dbus-daemon

ps -A |grep upowerd

gives NOTHING!

I think the problem is that powerd doesn’t start. It says “Program is dead, but pid file in /var/run exists”

creating a new user account also didn’t help

If using KDE4.4.X or KDE 4.5.X) its the powersaved daemon that shpuld be present. Powerdevil had been replaced by upower in KDE 4.6 (which I’m running). So, it should be

ps -A |grep power

What does this return?

qdbus org.kde.kded /kded isModuleAutoloaded powerdevil

Another useful command to show what kded modules are loaded

qdbus org.kde.kded /kded loadedModules

If powerdevil is missing you could try loading manually with

qdbus org.kde.kded /kded loadModule powerdevil

Try and uninstall and reinstall the power daemon.
Also, try and boot into another DE.

You are positive this was working before you got your hands dirty in the system settings?