No autorun from CD/DVD

On my OS11.1 KDE4.2 nothing happens if i put in CD/DVD. Im expecting if i put in an empty CD±R that it ask to start K3B. The same if i put in an Audio-CD that it start an Audio-player like Amarok.

BTW Amarok doesnt detect audio-CD. What do i miss?

There was a lot of problem around mounting CD/DVDs in this release:
DVD drive not mounted - openSUSE Forums
Cannot mount a CD-ROM - openSUSE Forums.
If it’s a fresh installation then please update it.

Normal Data-CD and DVD do mount as normal!
Only Audio-CD and empty CD±R doesnt get recogniced.


Have you been able to resolve it? Because I have the same problem. It’s annoying.

In dolphin type this: audiocd:/
In the navigation bar

Try using KsCD to play audio cd’s.


This might be of interest to you. Since the device notifier doesn’t have these actions to start off with, you can add them manually. Here’s a how-to for that. The video shows how it’s done, then the second link is the actions. All you have to do is move them to the right directory.

Add Audio CD and DVD to device notifier. - openSUSE Forums

Good Luck,


Thank you. That worked. :slight_smile: