No Audio through HDMI Dell M1330

I have 11.4 32 bit on a Dell M1330 with Intel Integrated graphics. When I connect the HDMI to my TV, I get video but no audio. What am I supposed to do here? I can´t figure out where to change the settings. In Phonon I change the speaker setup to HDMI but nothing happens.

Im trying to use this setup as my home theater computer, but so far setting up video has been a pain and audio no good. Would not like to reinstall windows 7 as in every other aspect 11.4 has been better.

I am using an older version of suse for my home theatre system. The problem isn’t with Suse but rather with the HDMI “standard”. On the back of my TV I have one input for HDMI with a different audio input. Only one of the HDMI inputs has his feature. The mother board I have is an Intel board but I bought a better graphics card. I was really not happy with the Intel graphics chip. And I bought a better sound card. The Intel onboard sound is crappy as well.
I suggest you take a look at the inputs of your TV and see if there is an HDMI input that has an external audio connection. It’s a PITA but that’s the way it is. The HDMI standard was designed so you can’t copy anything from it. It was more interested in DRM then quality video. And by the way the DVI output of your video card is exactly the same signal that is on the HDMI cable. They use HDMI just so you can’t make a copy like we used to with video tape. Everything these days is designed to screw the customer.