No audio plays from youtube videos (Chromium only).

This is interesting. I have downloaded (and installed) Google’s own current ‘Chrome’ RPM and installed it to /opt, and YouTube videos play with sound. They also play successfully with Firefox. But Chromium (current as of this date) can view the videos perfectly, but cannot be made to play with any sounnd at all.

For now, I’m letting ‘Chrome’ take over. I did not test audio with any other websites. IIRC, this is a regression - but it may be the fault of Google, and not our Packager. Any ideas?

Run PulseAudio Volume Control and check the settings under Applications. Chrome has a completely different set of controls from the default sound channels.

YES: ‘Playback’ with ‘Applications’ showed the Chromium Application disabled. I clicked to enable, and it now works. Thank you, we can marked as ‘solved’!
Note for others: The Application will only be shown while it is attempting to play.