No audio on HDMI in OpenSuse 11.2


I’ve a laptop HP DV6-2026es.

If I connect it to the TV I can see the video, but there is no audio.

Can any tell me if is it possible to send audio on HDMI in OpenSuse 11.2?


After installing ATI drivers, and putting HDMI as first device for video and audio, sound works fine with Amarok and smplayer (still I’ve no checked more).

But two questions:
1- It doesn’t work in Firefox. Why?
I’ve tried to put HDMI as first device in all options but firefox doesn’t send the audio on HDMI.

2- For changing device I’ve to open System preferences - Multimedia and change the order of the device.
Is possible to change it from command line? Thus I can create a short cut key…


I got hdmi-audio working in firefox by creating /etc/asound.conf with this in it:

 pcm.!default {
      type plug
      slave.pcm {
              type hw
              card 0
              device 3

You might have to change card 0 and device 3 to match what you got.

Congratulations ! And thankyou for sharing your solution.