No audio in Firefox website videos

I don’t know what happened. I did a normal update, and as far as I could see, there was no audio, video or any other media related update in the online that I carried out. After caf4926 helped me out the last time a couple of weeks ago, everything was running perfectly.

After this up date, though, the video on my usual sites, BBC, CNN, Youtube, and a couple of others, is fine, but there is no audio at all. However, when I download the videos from any of those sites and play them using vlc or one of the other players, the audio is there.

I don’t understand why the audio wouldn’t work in FF (v. 3.0.13), but works without a problem when I use Kaffeine, VLC, (SM/K/M)player, or any one of the other media players I have.

Help please.

Did we remove libflashsupport?
Has it been dragged back in?

Looks like it. I opened up Yast2, Software Management and typed in libflashsupport and this is what I got:


Should I delete it?

Try deleting it
You may need to logout after or even reboot

I just noticed that an update I ran this afternoon, has upgraded my Kaffeine and now it won’t play any audio.


This is the version I have installed at the moment. I prefered the previous version. Anyway of getting that back or getting this one to play the audio?


Ok, just rebooted. started FF and went to CNN and Youtube, they both work fine now. Thanks caf.

Any ideas what I can do with/about Kaffeine?

You need to go back to software management and use the version tab and select the packman version with the radio button.
k3b may also have done this on you

It’s because they added the packages to Factory kde4. You will need to keep an eye on these all the time. But it should ask you/ prompt you about the changes, so you must have allowed it earlier.

I opened up Software Management. What do I enter in the search area?

Start with: Kaffeine
the lang. file may need updating too it should show

Check also: k3b

Superb, it works again. I can imagine that the lib file sneeked in with k3b. I have been using it a lot this week and did do an upgrade of it last weekend.

Thanks Caf.

Happy to be of some help again.:slight_smile: