No Audio in Firefox or System sounds, but sound test in Yast works

I am running a KDE desktop on Suse 11.1. Today when I logged in for the first time I got no system sounds, no audio at all in Firefox, even though the sound test in Yast proves that I have sound. What I have checked: Kmix, which is at 85%, Yast, which played a sound, the volume dial on this laptop which is FULL BLAST. Wierd though that there is no sound in Firefox and no system sound, though Yast will play sound when you perform a sound test. So, someone with some Audio Suse knowledge please help me out on this one, cause I am puzzled.

When playing with firefox, ensure your PCM volume control is still up high. Some 11.2 users reported the PCM volume would drop immediately upon starting a firefox video and had to be restarted.

Reference system sounds, if using KDE, and ESPECIALLY if you have more than one audio device, ensure the 1st selected audio device in YaST > Hardware > Sound is the same as the 1st selected audio device in yo9ur KDE configuration.

The changing of the default audio in YAST made the difference, though Firefox needs to be restarted to show the changes. Thanks for the help!