No applications in KDE4 menu ?

I decided to take a look at the KDE4 desktop that comes with 11.1-RC1
But to my surprise there are no applications listed in the Main menu !!??

With the default “kickoff menu style” it’s possible to search for an application, but that’s really not acceptable as the only way to get to an application.

And with the “classic menu style” it’s even worse !
It only has entries for “Leave”, “Lock”, “Switch user” and “Favourites”
No applications and no possibility to search for an application.

I hope this is a (major) bug and not some kind of “feature” ??

What is this, the Live cd, an installation DVD?

That’s not what I got on either the Live cd on my computer or the DVD install onto VirtualBox. I got the normal Kickoff menu filled with applications and categories.

If you installed it something went wrong. If its Live, gosh that’s weird.

I originally did a clean install of 11.1 beta 5 from the installation DVD and choose Gnome as the desktop.
Then I did an upgrade to 11.1 RC1 (again from the installation DVD)
But because I encountered some annoying problems with Gnome in RC1, I decided to take a look at KDE 4.1.3 by installing it through yast.

I did exactly the same on both my desktop and laptop and both systems experience the same problems with the start menu