No application launcher after installing Thunderbird in 42.1

I migrated to 42.1 from 13.2 by doing an off-line (DVD) install (not upgrade) over the existing file structure (reused /home, etc). When I install Thunderbird via Yast or Zypper they install but I don’t get a launch icon in the start/kickoff menu. A search doesn’t turn up anything but I can launch it from a command prompt. How do I fix this?

Did you reboot?

Yes I did. This seems to be a general problem with my installation. I also installed Virtualbox which was supposed to create a group vboxusers but didn’t and no launch icons showed up. Yast shows the packages as installed and I can launch from a terminal command line. If I do a 42.1 install under a different username but maintaining the original /home and then install Thunderbird, launch icons show up, but of course I don’t have access to my mail accounts.

Try removing ~/.cache/.
This contains KDE’s menu cache, maybe it cannot be written for some reason (wrong permissions maybe).

Also try removing ~/.config/menus/ ~/.local/share/applications/. Those contain user-specific changes to the menu, and might therefore also cause (user-specific) “problems” in the menu structure. The latter one also contains the file associations in Leap 42.1 though, so try the other one first.

I have no idea why creating the vboxusers group didn’t work, but that’s definitely unrelated to the user account. Might be a bug in the package you installed.

Should I remove ~/.cache/ before doing a 42.1 reinstall or before an application install or after?

Why do you want to do a reinstall?

or before an application install or after?

Doesn’t matter if the reason for your problem are the files in .cache. Deleting them once should be enough.

Deleting the ~/.cache worked. Thunderbird now shows up.


Now on to Virtualbox.